imageI am a mom of four amazing kiddos ages five through thirteen.

I will have at least one teenager in the house for the next thirteen years.  Prayers please!

I love the three W’s – Wonder Woman, writing, and wine.image

I have been in the deep, dark valley and on the highest mountaintop. In both places I’ve found Jesus!

I take my faith seriously. Myself, not so much!

In every moment of life, there is laughter, faith and joy.


Professional Bio

Jennifer Louise Diaz is a writer, storyteller and motivational speaker. She has a degree in social work, and her years working in this profession have ignited her passion for helping women find their buried laughter, faith and joy. Jennifer’s love of comedy, the written word and storytelling create an engaging platform to share her message, both online and in person.

She writes a weekly blog called “Devo on the Go” that highlights the hilarious insanity of being a mama to four kiddos. It has been featured by the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, Humorwriters.org and Faithful Devotions. She also produces an online Bible study called “B-Study on the Go” that allows busy moms to dig into the Word from the soccer field, pick-up line or behind a locked bathroom door.

When she is not writing, she serves as a seasoned “road warrior” – dropping off and picking up numerous children from various activities. She will have at least one teenager in the house for the next 13 years. Prayers are appreciated!


I’d love to hear from you.  E-mail me at jennifer@jenniferlouisediaz.com.

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