B-Study on the Go

I struggled to decide on a topic for the first B-Study on the Go. One day, as I rushed to get to the pick-up line at school, I made a startling discovery and then God turned it into an incredible idea.

So what do you think? Are you ready to join me on my six week journey to discover what happens if we make LOVE the most important thing in our lives. Now before you say “I barely got out of the house this morning with two matching shoes” let me just clarify. This is NOT:

  • About adding a bunch of volunteer opportunities to an already busy plate
  • Changing everything in your life at once (we’ll start with small changes that grow until we are mother lovin’ lights in this world)
  • Becoming Mother Teresa…. because there is not enough grace and mercy in the world to get me there!
  • Singing “The Power of Love” or any Whitney Houston power-ballad.

But IT IS about:

  • Exploring what God really says about love and the role it should play in our lives.
  • Discovering what it means to truly love: ourselves (let’s face it, you can’t love others until you love the awesome you God made you to be), God, our neighbors, our family, and enemies (do we really have to go there…..yup!).
  • Figuring out the balance between love, this mama thing and maintaining our sanity.
  • Discovering the incredible, transformative, God-sized things love can do in our life and the lives of others.


B-Study on the Go is a six week, interactive ONLINE Bible study, you can easily do anytime and anywhere. We will all be taking the journey at the same time, so you will connect online with other mamas who know just how crazy motherhood can be.


On Monday of each week, you will receive access to three videos from me that provide a humorous and thought provoking look into the theme for that week. You can watch them anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet or laptop.  Each video is five to seven minutes in length (the maximum amount of time I have quiet in my house to record), making it simple to watch on the run….or in the pick-up line!

dig deeper

Each week you will also be given access to your Digging Deeper worksheets. Don’t panic! This is not graded. You can work at your own pace.The questions will help you explore the topic further and dig deeper into your personal journey.

The worksheets are in .pdf form. Simply print out or view the .pdf on your device and write your thoughts in a journal. No book needed. There will be lots of bonus materials too. Funny things I discover, music to inspire you, touching stories I come across. Dig as deep as you want!


This is the part I am so excited about! You will be given access to a private Facebook group. Each week, I will post questions about our weekly lessons. Remember, I am doing this experience right along with you! You will be able to share facebook-292988_640your thoughts and ask questions of your own. It’s an incredible way for us to connect, encourage and get to know one another. We’ll compare wacky, mama moments, things we discover along the way, share joys and struggles and lift each other in prayer. Oh and we’ll laugh. A lot!



  I don’t have a Facebook account.  Can I still participate in the study?   Absolutely, you can still participate in the study. The videos and digging deeper worksheets will be delivered via your e-mail account and on a private membership site. However, the private Facebook group is a tremendous resource and allows you to interact with all the other women going through the study along with you. This is where we will get to know one another. Share stories. Laugh. Support. Uplift. If you want to get the most out of this experience, the Facebook page is an essential piece. Our Facebook group is a private page that no one beyond our group can access. You can simply set-up an account to be a part of the study and delete your account after the six weeks, if you desire.

♥ Is there a cost to participate in the study?  B-Study on the Go is similar to enrolling in an online course. Instead of buying a bible study book and video, you pay a one-time enrollment fee and you are given access to a private membership site, all the course materials (including videos to view on any device, Digging Deeper worksheets, and journal pages), entry to the private Facebook group and surprise bonuses along the way.  

The cost for B-Study on the Go is $29.99. Just $5 a week for a life-changing experience! I never want cost to prevent someone from being a part of this amazing journey, so there will be several B-Study scholarships available as well.

Here’s the added bonus for everyone! 10% of every B-Study on the Go enrollment goes to support “Love Your Melon”, an awesome organization that I love! Check them out on my Giving Back page.  

 ♥ What if I register and then I am unable to participate?  Trust me mama, I know life happens when you least expect it. The registration fee covers the costs to produce the materials but I have also found, when I have to make a financial investment for an online course, it prompts me to really commit to completing the material and engaging in the experience. However, if we arrive at the launch date and something has come up in your life that prevents you from fully participating, you can either defer your registration to the next B-Study on the Go or receive a full refund. Simply e-mail me at jennifer@jenniferlouisediaz.com. 


Does B-Study on the Go sound like the perfect way to help you find your laughter, faith and joy? Sign-up below and I will send you an e-mail when the next enrollment period opens.IMG_0731.PNG

Signing up does not commit you to anything. It simply means you will be one of the first mamas to know when registration is happening. Those who sign-up below will be given access to the registration portal a day before it is open to the public. Because I want to make the experience intimate, there will be limited space for each study. The current B-Study on the Go is filled, so sign-up and be the first to know when the next adventure begins!